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We welcome you to our web-site.

We, AMC CO.,LTD have been making the semiconductor Korea with the sincerity, accuracy and creation.

Now In the beginning of the 21st century , all AMC men are doing our best to develop ourselves in the field of production, R&D and marketing in the infinite competition era.

We have had a mission and pride to be enthusiastic for development of semiconductor industry in developing our product.

Therefore, we have been manufacturing and supplying our products to many customers all over the world like Hynix, Fairchild, Chippac, TI, etc..

Especially, our R&D team developed the pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for Back Grinding and Dicing and UV curable adhesive for Back Grinding and Dicing for ourselves in Korea.

Also Chemical Department have developed the first Wafer Polishing Slurry in Korea and several chemical products, including Adhesive for Wafer Polishing.

In addition to these achievements, a skin-care product which is able to interwork with Smartphone is developed to respond to the familiarization of Smartphone.

We all members of AMC assure that we will continue to devote ourselves to meet the customer’s satisfaction with product development, production, quality control, and accurate delivery based on our sincerity and responsibility.

We also promise to complete the dream with your continued patronage and encouragement.

Thank you very much.


Yong-kook Ahn