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AMC CO.,LTD has been developing, manufacturing and supplying tape for semiconductor.
AMC has been stretching himself as a worldwide semiconductor tape maker by developing and manufacturing the excellent base film, and adhesive both nominally and virtually.
- Back Grinding Tape
In the process of patterning the circuit on the wafer, we keep the wafer thickness uniformly to prevent damage from foreign shock. After finishing patterning on the wafer, we have to grind the backside of the wafer to make it suitable thickness. In this application, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (P.S.A) Tape is used to protect the patterned circuit on the wafer.
There are 2 kinds of PSA tapes such as NON-UV Tape and UV curable tape. We have been developed and manufacturing all kinds of the tapes for back grinding including the tape for 300mm and under 200㎛ thinner wafer.
- Dicing Tape
After the wafer was finished by polishing and other process, the die on the wafer has to be sawn in each chip. In this application, P.S.A tape has to be used to prevent the chip-fly and help pick-up easily. There are 2 kinds of PSA tapes such as NON-UV Tape and UV curable tape. Especially, wafer has got bigger, thinner and higher integrated the chip. So, the UV curable adhesive tape becomes essential in sawing application. Compared to Non-UV Tape, the UV curable adhesive tape has strong adhesion before UV irradiation to prevent the chip flying.
After UV irradiation, it has much lower adhesion. Therefore, the UV curable adhesive Tape helps chip pick-up easily and Tape prevents the chip from damaging such as micro crack. As a result, it’s very useful and functional tape.
- Package sawing Tape
As the technology of the package has made progress, lots of new products have been developed such as BGA, CSP, and so on. Such products have to be sawn at package itself. This trend made a Singulation Process.
Package sawing Tape has to have very strong initial adhesion and excellent material properties.
We also have been developed and manufacturing Package dicing tape.