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Dispersant of Boron Carbide for Lapping
Sapphire is a crystalloid which is made from Alumina(AI203) over a temperature of 2050℃, used in semiconductor circuit boards and equipments related to semiconductor, optical equipment because light penetrability is excellent than any other material, thermal conduction is similar to metal, high stability regardless of temperature, outstanding mechanical property by the hardeness(Mohs 9). The demand for sapphire wafer as a material for LED circuit board used in TV and lighting has been increased rapidly from the situation that LED TV and LED lighting market is growing.
Model name : BC-530
Wetting dispersant, used for the lapping process to form the shape of sapphire wafer after cutting sapphire ingot. Rust preventative is very important in lapping process in which a surface plate made of cast iron is used.
Especially this product has high dispersibility even in case of low volume application, also shows excellent Rust preventative performance.
Material property
Item Standard Test method
Main ingredient Polyoxyalkylene Copolymer FT-IR spectrometer
Color Yellowish Liquid Visual inspection
Specific gravity (at 20℃) 1.05~1.06 Hydrometer (Fisher Scientific)
pH (at 20℃) 8.0 ~ 9.0 pH meter (Orion 520A)
Solubility (Water) Soluble completely Visual inspection
Viscosity ( cps at 20℃) 25 ~ 30 [Note 1]
[Note 1]: Brookfiled Viscometer (DV-Ⅱ+Pro, Spindle No. 2, 20rpm)