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We, AMC CO.,LTD are trying our best to manage welfare for all AMC-men to devote themselves to develop and get a prosperous life

To support leisure
We support for all AMC-men to get a better life in getting the Saturday off-duty every other week, running a condominium at resort, supporting the group activity within the firm and leisure.

To support congratulations and condolences
We are supporting the expenses for congratulations and condolences to all AMC-men by a special outlay.

To be insured
We are insured to the medical care insurance, a national pension, workmen’s accident compensation insurance, employment insurance, and accident insurance for each man.

To support the unkeep expenses for car
We are supporting the maintenance expenses for car in being used for go to and leave the office and the management of business.

To offer the dormitory
We are managing the dormitory for men going to and leaving the office at a long distance

We are supporting to run the bus for attending office, to offer expenses for the lunch and dining together and going on a picnic in spring and fall.