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Die Attach Tape(DAF Tape, WBL)의 종류

- Wafer Dicing and bonding
- UV curing type
- Thermal curing type, high adhesive strength
- Expandable type

Model Name AWD120 AWU120
Structure (Thickness) DAF Epoxy+elastomer(20㎛) Epoxy+elastomer(20㎛)
Adhesive Acrylic copolymer(20㎛) Acrylic copolymer(10㎛)
Base film Ployolefin(90㎛) Ployolefin(100㎛)
Protection Film P E T(38㎛) P E T(38㎛)
Physical property Tg (oC) 190 180
Elastic Modulus (Mpa)@150oC 5 5
CTE (ppm/oC) @above Tg 230 230
Enthalpy[J/g] 40 30
Water Absorption (%) @85oC/85%RH/48hr <1.5 <1.5
Ion impurity (ppm) <10 <10
Application Die to Die or L/F Die to Die or L/F